Quality understanding

Quality service can only be obtained from high-quality companies. The quality of our company will represent our customers. That is why we are working hard to offer our customers the quality they deserve. Quality is nothing more than a journey that will never end for us.

People For Quality

Behind Deka Service is a strong and educated team. To provide field service continuity, approximately only in Ukraine 50 vehicles and a technical staff of 150 persons, and so many trained subcontractors are working. All of the employees have main training such as OSH, First Aid, Defensive and Driving. In addition to this, according to the business area, personnel are not employed in the field without training such as High Working, Electrically Safe Work, Certified MV Training. The happiness of our people will be reflected to our customers. At the heart of our Quality Policy is "people". My employees are also provided with personal development trainings.

Quality policy

Customers will be fully informed about the pre-sale product or service.
Training or sufficient documentation on the goods, projects or services subject to sale will be provided for the client to make the right choice.
Poor quality products will not be offered even to the preference of the customer. Sales will not be made for sale. To be sold for service.
Products that have not been tested by Deka Service or have no internationally validated test certificates will not be used on any project.
Project recycling times or benefit calculations will be presented to our customers considering the worst conditions.
No projects will be offered that will not benefit and benefit the client.
Our customers will be able to reach the customer representative at any time they wish to reach and will not leave missed calls.
Customer satisfaction will be measured regularly.
The continuity of the products and services sold will be checked.

Our Services


  • Site Acquisition, renting and re-zoning services,
  • Design and Legalization services
  • CW-Infrastructure systems services,
  • GSM-Telecom systems implementation services,
  • Power supply, climate control, fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems services,
  • 24/7 -Technical Operation and Maintenance services
  • 24/7-Site Management &Legal Affair services,
  • Core network systems services
  • Turnkey Rollout Project management services,


  • Project & design services (B/T),
  • Supply of construction equipment’s & materials (B/T),
  • Finishing & structural works (B/T),
  • On turn-key basis construction (B/T),
  • Renovation works (B/T),
  • Decoration work,
  • Curtain-wall,
  • Aluminum frames,
  • Conveying systems.


  • Heating, cooling, ventilation systems,
  • Fire protection systems,
  • Compressed air installations,
  • Sanitary installations,
  • Water treatment units,
  • Automatic control systems,
  • Absorption chiller systems,
  • Pool & irrigation systems,
  • Building automation systems,
  • Green building applications.


Medium Voltage Energy Supply and Distribution Systems
  • Medium Voltage switchgears.
  • Medium Voltage Transformers
Low Voltage Energy Supply and Distribution Systems 
  • Generator and UPS systems,
  • Earthing systems, lightning protection systems,
  • Lighting systems,
  • Internal and external installations,
  • Energy distribution panels.
Low Current Distribution Systems
  • Data and telephone systems,
  • CCTV systems, 
  • Security alarm systems, 
  • Fire alarm systems,
  • Public address and voice alarm system,
  • Projection systems,
  • Access control systems,


  • DEKA Group is mainly operating in Telco/GSM Sector in Ukraine and Turkey market.
  • ORBITA Group is mainly operating in an Engineering, Fabrication and Contracting of Building(B)/Tower(T) infrastructure and Alternative Energy sector in Ukraine and Turkey market.

Our Services

    Site Acquisition, renting and re-zoning services, Design and Legalization services...
    Project & design services, Supply of construction equipment’s & materials...
    Heating, cooling, ventilation systems,Fire protection systems...
    Medium Voltage Energy Supply and Distribution Systems
    Low Voltage Energy Supply and Distribution Systems 
    Low Current Distribution Systems



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